вторник, 23 декабря 2014 г.

Advent Calendar Project. Our achievements!

We are at the last few days of New Year Celebrations, so it's time to publish the results of our competition!!!

Do you remember my calendar? And I promised to show you how it works...

Every time my sons get up, they go to the calendar to open the next box.  It's crazy!!!

At our Lessons

As far as I know, 10 students of the 4th forms started this project. Some of them were near the deadline! Some had made their calendars (I know, I saw), but unfortunately, didn't sent a picture :((
But I've got some pictures of the process:

The first who sent me her project was Masha:
You can see her calendar here.
Also, she has made eco Christmas cards:

The next was Nuri:
English texts:

And today I've got some photoes from Dasha:

All the participents will get a little prize!!! Surely! Thank you for participation!

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