пятница, 24 апреля 2015 г.

The Last Task - "My Family Album"

Do you want to take part in another contest? 
What to do?
From today we're starting a new project - "My Family Album"

You can choose a theme:
  • My Family's Summer
  • Our Winter
  • Our Holiday
  • My bithday...    or any other you like, connecting with your family.
How to do?
You need 5-10 photos ( size 6x8 or less)
Printed or colored paper, cardstock

Scissors, glue, ribbon or lace.

You can make an album like this.

The easiest one.  How to do it? Look here.

Variant #2    is easy, too:

Variant #3     is more difficult:

So, the first task - to prepare photoes, paper and cardstock. And you can try to make a framework.
Write me if you have any questions here. Wait for your results. Till Tuesday!!! Bye!

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